Solution For Small Business

The U.S. GDP rests on the 27+ million small businesses which account for 99.7% of U.S. employer firms, employ 42.9% of the private workforce (120+ million people) and generate 64% of net new jobs. We support small business and have special services strutured specifically for them, particularly FileMaker solutions and specially discounted virtual machines in the Cloud based on a percentage-of-revenue model.

Solution For Small Business

“Business ownership can be both rewarding and challenging, especially when it comes to running a small business," said Jeremy Durham, senior manager of product and technology strategy at business solutions provider Paychex. "Small business owners find themselves balancing the requirements of day-to-day business operations against their own innate entrepreneurial spirit." 

But as personally and professionally fulfilling as running a small business is, small business owners must overcome plenty of obstacles before reaping the rewards.  

As technology levels the playing field for small businesses, more companies are making the connection between strong IT investment and improved business performance. 

In today’s dynamic environment, IT solutions vary from industry to industry. QBA IT Services provides comprehensive solutions designed specifically to meet specific industry needs. 

QBA offers a variety of software, hardware, services and financing that are appropriate for smaller businesses. Let us help you achieve growth and efficiency for your small business. 

Solution & Services: 

1C: Enterprise 8 

1C: Enterprise is a system of applications that includes the Platform and Applied Solutions.  

1C is a smart, powerful, flexible and customizable ERP Solution developed by the best product development organisation in Russia.  

1C: Framework: 

Main 1C functional modules 

  • Customer relationship management (1C:CRM) 
  • Sales and distribution management (SD) 
  • Retail management (1C:Retail) 
  • Supply Chain management (SCM) 
  • Material resource planning (MM) 
  • Production management and planning (PP) 
  • Project management (1C:POM) 
  • Quality management (QM) 
  • Maintenance and repair management (PM) 
  • Fixed Assets management (AM) 
  • Cost accounting and Controlling (CO) 
  • Fiscal accounting and tax reporting (1C:ACC) 
  • HR management & payroll calculation (1C:HRM) 
  • Finance management & IFRS reporting (FI) 
  • Budgeting and Treasury management (FI) 
  • Document management system (1C:DMS) 

Accounting software 

1C: Accounting 8, based on the 1C: Enterprise 8 framework is a leader on the market of business IT-solutions in Russia and most of the CIS States. Over 83% of all the user workplaces that control accounting and solve operative tasks run 1C accounting solution. This software is intended to automate fiscal accounting, preparation of statutory reporting for companies engaged in any commercial activities. 1C: Accounting is absolutely compliant with the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

Functional features of 1C: Accounting 8: 

  • Bookkeeping 
  • Flexible financial reporting 
  • Regulated print-outs (Russian) 
  • HRM, Payroll and taxes 
  • Account Receivables (AR) and Account Payables (A/P) 

1C existence in CIS:

Microsoft Practice

QBA delivers reliable solutions that cater to the goals and needs of your business irrespective of its size. We provide full-cycle .NET development services by leveraging our expertise in the delivery of high-performance, process-oriented applications and software products for web, cloud and mobile. 


Our team of experienced Microsoft certified .NET professionals is capable of transforming diverse business requirements into highly flexible and scalable .NET solutions (Web/Desktop) that will take your business to the next level. 


We deliver custom loosely coupled message-based middleware and leverage the power of BizTalk capabilities to introduce .NET solutions to your environment and help you ensure unimpeded A2A/B2B communication. 


Our technical experts customize third-party .NET solutions to make them better fit your business needs. Our services span UI skinning, maintainability and functionality improvement, as well as API development and optimization. 


We just can’t let the constant technological change weaken the business value of your legacy systems: we render a wide range of services that will painlessly migrate your existing applications to .NET and boost its performance. 

.NET Mobile App Development 

QBA has several years of experience in developing apps on the Windows platform. Our developers have created cool Windows Phone 8 apps, Windows Phone 7 apps, Windows Mobile apps with great user experience and solving many a business problem. 

Other .NET Development Services 

In addition to the above capabilities, QBA’s development team have delivered industrial-strength .NET solutions of the following types: 

  • .NET Data Management Solution development with Reporting & Analysis (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SSIS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, ADO.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, NHibernate, etc). 
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service-oriented apps development. 
  • ASP.NET Web Services development, Migration of ASP.NET Web Services to WCF, ASP.NET Web API development. 
  • .NET Windows Services development. 
  • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) apps development. 
  • .NET Third-Party Tools Integration / Use (Telerik, DevExpress, RAD Controls, Infragistics,  ComponentOne, VisualWebGUI, ReSharper, etc). 
  • Windows Runtime Components development. 
  • .NET Application Performance Tuning. 
  • .NET Application Maintenance and Support. 
  • .NET Extensions for Other Products. 



QBA builds stable, lightweight, interactive and functional web apps and sites that enjoy great scalability and integration capacity provided by the .NET framework. 

  • Internet B2B and B2C Portals 
  • Online Stores, Marketplaces and Auctions 
  • Media Content Distribution 
  • Social Networking and Social Commerce 
  • Web Services and WCF. 


We deliver enterprise-level .NET-based systems empowered to achieve global scalability and solve the challenges of today’s heterogeneous computing environment. 

  • Corporate Sites and Portals 
  • Line-of-Business Apps 
  • Corporate Intranet and Extranet 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning 
  • Project and Document Management 


We develop custom solutions based on Office 365 & Microsoft Dynamics that help you collect, discover, transform and analyze data to make informed decisions, which are aligned with your business goals. 

Office 365 

We develop custom Office 365 apps that address any needs your business operations might have. We can also connect your existing solution to 3rd party systems or a corporate environment to provide enterprise-wide access to any data.  

Microsoft Dynamics 

We leverage Microsoft Dynamics on premise or in the cloud to deliver custom solutions that assist businesses in pushing leads and opportunities through the sales funnel. We deliver flexible middleware to streamline your business processes and enable A2A/B2B communication. 


Our experts develop multi-tier applications that are easily deployed and scaled to the cloud. Be it a web portal or a high traffic web application, we offer ample options of running your solution on virtually any .NET PaaS out there or can enable a hybrid cloud environment in demanding scenarios to give your business greater flexibility and more data deployment options. 


QBA performs migration of legacy desktop applications, including those based on Windows Forms and VB6, to the web with ASP.NET. Our team will keep existing services, design patterns and practices where applicable, so that the functions and controls correspond exactly to their desktop counterparts, or we can perform a complete overhaul of your application with new  

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform database application program that allows users to organize data into screens, layouts or forms and manage contacts and projects. Initially, FileMaker Pro was designed to work with Apple computers, but it later became available on the Windows platform.  
An important aspect of FileMaker pro is that users do not need programming skills to use it. It consists of more than 30 integrated starter solutions, which helps users to rapidly handle important tasks. 


  • Highly customizable 
  • Capable of integrating with numerous data sources 
  • Rich Reporting features 
  • Process automation (workflow approval process, automated email, etc) 
  • Robust Data Importing and Exporting capabilities 

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients large and small from all over the world to develop efficient and easy-to-use FileMaker solutions, deliver ongoing support, and provide training services. We work with FileMaker because it provides an unmatched return on investment. 

We offer a variety of FileMaker Pro services to our clients, including the following. 

  • Custom FileMaker Pro Solutions 
  • FileMaker Pro Based Web Sites 
  • FileMaker Pro Server Configuration 
  • Ongoing Support and Feature Additions 
  • User and Programmer Documentation 
  • Conversions From Microsoft Access 
  • One-on-One Mentoring and Training 
  • AppleScripting 
  • Palm Pilot Synchronization 
  • Expert Level Scripting 
  • ODBC Functionality 

We are comfortable with both Macintosh and Windows based computers, and can work at your site or ours, as needed.